Thursday, November 4, 2010

Classical music for heshers

Thanks to anonymous posters at the AVClub, I've got recommendations on classical music for metalheads:

Shostakovich, #5, #10 and #11
Stravinski, "Rite of Spring"/"Firebird Suite"
Bartok, string quartets
Schnittke, "Requiem"
Penderecki, "Requiem"
Gorecki, 2nd Symphony/ "Totus Tuus"/ "Beatus Vir"
Gustav Holst, "The Planets"
Rachmaninov, "The Isle of the Dead"
Hector Berlioz, "Symphonie Fantastique"
Mussorgsky, "Night on Bald Mountain"
Janacek, "Sinfonietta"
Carl Orff, "Carmina Burana"
Mossolov, "Iron Foundry"

Investigations commence forthwith.

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